New Course Proposals

Submission deadline

Please submit New Course Proposals to EPC by week three Friday of the term preceding the one in which they are intended to run (e.g. week three spring for a fall course). 


The new course proposal will be emailed to the department/program chair as well as to other relevant departments or programs that are checked off on the proposal. This would pertain to cross-listed courses, Shared Passages seminars, and/or offerings that may serve multiple majors or concentrations.  

Prior to submission

It is best practice to contact chairs of departments, programs, and/or concentrations to alert them that they will be receiving the form for their review and approval. Consulting the EPC FAQ, particularly the section regarding syllabi expectations, may also be helpful prior to submission.

Course Change Proposals

Please use the form below for significant changes to existing courses, such as: course title, major content restructuring, new numbering or sequencing, new cross-listings, and whether or not it counts towards a major, minor, or concentration.